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We’re passionate about renovating!

We are passionate about renovating because whether it’s a house, a unit, or another type of dwelling, our home is often our most significant asset and renovating provides many benefits. These benefits include maximising the use of space by redesigning or extending, transforming surroundings to enhance liveability and lifestyle, increasing functionality with multipurpose spaces, or merely a cosmetic upgrade; all ultimately add value and improve the potential for an increased return on investment.

Whatever the project or desired outcome, it is very fulfilling for us to not only see the transformation from concept to completion but to be a part of the process along the way.


Sunshine Coast North renovation builders Scott and Calli Burnett

Our approach is a holistic one with meticulous planning, effective communication and connection with the client, and organised project management throughout each stage to ensure cohesion between every element of the project and to make sure that the client’s overall vision is realised.

Why Renovare?

We believe that the shared knowledge and collaborative benefits of support and guidance provided by the Renovare group will allow us to enhance our skills within an established and successful business model, assisting us to become industry experts and leaders within our field.

We want to bring professionalism, trust, experience and quality to the Sunshine Coast renovation market. From the initial enquiry to handover, we want to ensure that we are responsive and efficient with client communication and become an advocate for their vision. We are passionate and have a strong work ethic, and coupled with well-established procedures, building experience and valuable insight on design and project management, we believe we can make the renovation process streamlined and stress-free for our clients.

Renovation trends on the Sunshine Coast

Creating home wellness with eco-friendly materials, energy-efficient products, and natural lighting are always popular considerations when renovating on the Sunshine Coast.

The capacity for a home to adapt to both social and work demands by providing versatility of its spaces is also increasingly favoured. Space to welcome friends and family, either short or long term is of significant consideration when renovating and extending.

The potential to enjoy the outdoors all year round is also of high importance, particularly on the Sunshine Coast.

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